“5 Gods”

THE CREATION OF THE FIVE GODS  As She, Nut, Queen of Heavens, flew towards Him, Her strong and beautiful husband, Geb, King of Earth, Her body shivered, Her womb was yearning. He felt the rock between His legs, His male organ lifted towards the Skies, Towards His wife, His sister, His soul. He stretched and pushed His tower of life into the air,  Never moving His legs and arms from His Earth. She flew on top of Him Like a hawk on a pillar, She connected with Him. And They conceived five stars. Ausar, Her- ur, Set, Aset and Nephtyhs. The Sky once more hugged the Earth.  Once more and never again.  These are Geb and Nut, having sex for the last time. ~ Sandro ”Sanio” Perovich


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