Finally, the time has come for unveiling the true nature of white supremacy (racism). For this reason, I have entitled this work, “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors.”  Isis (Auset) was the most important goddess of Afrika (specifically, Egypt). She was the sister/wife of the most important Egyptian god, Osiris (Ausar, “lord of the perfect Black”), and mother of Horus (Heru). In the astral interpretation of the Egyptian gods, Isis was equated with the dog star Sirius. According to the Ancient Afrikan story, after the murder and dismemberment of Osiris (Ausar) by his evil brother Set, Isis (Auset) discovered the crime, recovered the pieces of the body Osiris(Ausar) and put them back together again, restoring his existence and his power. According to legend, Isis (Auset) admired truth and justice and made justice stronger than gold and silver.   In the present era, truth and justice have been crushed by the global power system of white supremacy, making the existence of peace on the planet impossible under this reign of terror. The attempt in this work is to reveal some aspects of the in-depth truth about the white supremacy power system for the ultimate purpose of establishing justice and peace in the world, in tradition of the great Afrikan goddess, Isis(Auset).  Dr. Frances Cress Welsing ~The Isis Papers


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