The prophecy of the 144,000. 

There’s 144 billion cells in your brain that will heal any damage cells or neurons. When we have this fractal number from within us we have it also in the outside. 

The law of correspondence says, “ as above so below”. When the cell needs help it gets repaired. The same thing will take place on this planet. It would take a minimum energy required of 144,000 individuals that have enlighten, 144 billion cells in their brain. 

If you’re reading this most likely you are one of them. At this time you’re asked to step up into who you really are and less of who you’re not. 

Your ego is being stripped away at this time and you’re asked to be you. 

Be kind be loving spiritual and may truth light and love be with you.

Happy Solar Return

Kya, Isa, & CiCi


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