“Two For One” (Freaky Friday)

Got them waiting for me,
One on the bed,
One coming in from
The balcony,
See it’s freaky Friday,
I like my balls licked,
While the other is
Taking all of me,
I like the layback
And watch them
Do there damn thing…

It’s sexy,
And when it’s time to eat,
I got my knife and fork ready,
Dinner time!
I’m sucking and licking on
That clit until dessert time,
Then I cum back for more…

69 ways, for 69 days,
They say the pussy ain’t
Free, so I make the pussy pay, 
And when it’s time to play,
She climb on my face ,
While the other one
Smother her face
All on me, here’s a
Two for One coupon
If you wanna join me!

Written By KINGBTY


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