“Reset & Restore”

You don’t have to have something on your calendar to be unavailable. Self Care is a perfectly good reason. No explanation necessary. No matter how self aware we are there’s something inside of us that will over commit ourselves until we fall apart. That something inside of us desperately needs to prove our worth and value ...

“Prophetic Words Pt.1”

“I have the world in a jug,  and the stopper in my hand.   I have the Asiatic,  and I have the European.   I have the silver and  I have the gold.” Noble Drew Ali said it, Don’t act like  you wasn’t never told, Some is going stand & Some is going fold, Unity together,  We’ll be a force. Prophet said, “The climate is going to change. The cold weather ...

“Positive Vibrations”

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Positivity is a universal language of success. We have to form a habit of speaking positivity into our lives. ⁣ The words & things we speak about ourselves hold immense power. Know that you deserve the best & be ready to receive it! Aśe ✋🏽✌🏽🇲🇦Happy Holy Dey Moors🇲🇦✋🏽✌🏽✨Happy Mother’s Dey 2All✨

“Sekhmet Prayer”

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A prayer to Sekhmet the one who's name means Powerful, she who loves Maat & sends forth karmic justice, the one who goes to battle for Ra. Sekhmet is the Neteru/Neter who is both Destroyer & Healer who will remove what is no longer serving you. She is fierce, chaos that brings order, strong, loving ...


Blue moon Two orange slices, My uncle gone in the physical But I’ll see him in the spiritual, His mind was sharper then ginsu, Survival game official, In all honesty  Eye miss u, So does ya family, Just Know I got us... In Allah we trust! Arm, leg, leg, arm, head, That’s what have, 7 seas 7 chakras  No need to do math! You was 47, My birth month 11, When we ...

“Zodiac Evolution”

There are some schools of thought that believe that the zodiac signs outline the 12 stages of human development, or the evolution of the psyche/soul. from erupting into existence in aries to dissolving into the divine in pisces, there is something to be learned from each step that we take along the way. recognizing how ...

“Stay Weird”

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Who says being weird is bad? Be you! All of you!! It’s cool to be yourself. People gravitate towards you when you can be your authentic self. Eye love weird. Eye love it when eye can tell when someone is unapologetically themselves. ✋🏽✌🏽Happy Holy Dey Family🇲🇦☪️

“All Lies Within”

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Here is something to remember whenever things start to affect you in a negative way. There is so much bad news in the world. Remember that all the good news lies within you! Spend some time with your inner light and your beautiful soul. Feel the wonderful sense of peace! Remember the entire universe lies ...