“Friday Reminder🇲🇦”

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🕯️Happy Friday🕯️ 🇲🇦Happy Holy Dey🇲🇦 ☪️YOUR TRIBE IS YOUR VIBE! Surround yourselves with those who make you happy, those that make you feel most like yourself and those that challenge you to be better. I don’t have a single person in my life that makes me feel poorly about myself. Also my favorite people are those I ...

“We Are Deities”

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The hue of black is a biological reflection of nature. We are a reflection of the Universe, and the Universe is a reflection of us. We are physical manifestations of the expanding infinite creative force of the universe. We are made of substance black, transmutable, transmitting, multidimensional, super driver of the universe. We shouldn't be afraid. ...

“ The Third of the Egyptian Scrolls”

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🕯️GGA🕯️ If man would know heaven, he must first know earth. Man cannot understand heaven, until he understands earth. He cannot understand God, until he understands himself. And he cannot know love, unless he has been loveless. God is unknown, but not unknowable. He is unseen, but not unseeable. God is unheard, but not unhearable. He ...

“Your Body”

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Have appreciation for your physical body. You received exactly the body that you wanted. It's perfect. It is a reflection for the beliefs you hold about it. As you hold better beliefs about your body, it will become stronger, healthier, fitter because you take actions more in alignment with the vibration you are holding. 🕯️Happy Moon ...

“Chakra Vibes”🇲🇦

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The chakras are not only energetic centers within the body, they’re also cycles of human development + evolution. Every 7 years, you’re supposed to master each chakra as you grow older. Unfortunately, many people experience trauma and their energy never ascends past a certain point. Childhood trauma can manifest in the adult life in many ...

“Be Intentional”

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You cannot just wish for change. You must be intentional about it. Everyday. Ask yourself: what can I do today? What can I learn today? Who can I impact today? What can I be grateful for today? How can I live from my heart today? ~James Weeks

“Aura Awareness”

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Your aura cannot be hidden. This is energy that radiates from you unconsciously. People will either love or hate you based on the character you exhibit, which is a manifestation of the aura you emit. If people are attracted to you and want to be with you, there is no way you can change that. ...