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“Only The Beginning”

Death is only the beginning. A transition from one phase of existence to the next. All life, is a ritual gesture to this moment of reawakening to the Infinite. To contemplate your own mortality is to prepare us for the transition. Hence, true Philosophia, is a preparation for death. 🇲🇦✨HHD MOORS✨🇲🇦

“King Of Light”

Obatala represents several powers in the universe and in you. His name is a contraction of Oba t ala, "king of light." He is both literal sunlight and figurative light. He is inner-peace and morality. He represents the consciousness of Olodumaré (the Lord of the Universe) within you and peering thru your eyes. Orisha Philosophy 🇲🇦HHD🇲🇦

“Reach Beyond”

“Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world. Our hearing extends to a small distance. Our sight is impeded by intervening bodies and shadows. To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions.” ― Nikola Tesla Artist: Sam Chirnside

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