“Takes Willpower”

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Our minds are shackled; our souls disturbed, and our bodies unhealthy. We’ve been robbed and don’t even realize it. Nowadays, we can’t even identify our stolen belongings in art, fashion, ancient wisdom, psychology, mathematics, and so on. Shame on us for squandering our inheritance. Wherein we should be coming up with great works because of our life stories. We celebrate illiteracy and vulgarity in the name of entertainment. Instead of rising, we flounder. Words, but no sound. We’ve lost our rhythm and harmony. As such, history deletes us. Because we’ve traded our precious, and invaluable story for this illusion of success, or the “Good Times.” In doing so, we’ve become drunkards oblivious to the countless lives sacrificed for our healthiness, happiness, and peace.

While our past should be nutrients, it becomes waste. To move forward is not to merely look at the past but to retrieve the nutrients from our story. We will remain victims, and followers of slogans, as long as we have no control over our minds. We’re an altered manifestation of someone else’s thinking process. As long, as we’re under the influence of someone else’s power, we have no choice but to see ourselves as they would have us. But we can change destiny—however, it takes willpower to act and live differently. ~Dr. Robbin Alston


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