“Free Your Minds”

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No matter what we call ourselves, what we wear, how much money we make, what groups we join, where we were born, and even the language we speak—our self-healing depends on our mind.

Mind games are played on us through so many mediums-politics, religion, and of course, education. Over time, we adopt a mind where the clouds exist but not the sky, where books exist but not knowledge, where doctors exist but not healing. Some call this a Western mind. Until we connect with our original intention, our foundational energy will remain blocked.

It is our thoughts, the untold story, the exploitation all the way back to Greek civilization that defines our victim mentality. We must liberate our minds. We must embark on a renaissance to cleanse out the toxicity, the filth, and the degradation that is a side-effect of acute exploitation and oppression of the human mind.

We do that by moving on a path of intensive self-healing. Only by recognizing that we possess the power of self-healing, can we reinterpret our experiences from being victims to being enlightened and centered. ~Dr. Robbin Alston


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