“Melanin 3,6,9”

MELANIN is a direct link to our ancestors of OLIVE-TONE SKIN COLOR with NINE ETHER HAIR, whom also had very large eyes, and from a different GALAXY. This gift MELANIN, being the finest of the refined chemicals known to our species. MELANIN dwells in every essence of our environment. The MELANIN that is throughout our bodies is the very thing that colors this Planet and everything in it. MELANIN not only dwells in the skin, it is found in the eyes, ears, central nervous system, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and also abundantly in the inner parts of the body. MELANIN requires vitamin B to maintain purity, in order to heal ailments that occur within our bodies. MELANIN is an extremely stable molecule, and highly resistant to digestion by most acids and bases, and is one of the hardest molecules to ever be analyzed. It appears as different shades and hues, colors being BLACK to, BROWN to, RED to YELLOW. MELANIN is found in abundance in the depths of the land of NUBIA called Africa today. When MELANIN does not appear in the skin, it is a deficiency, and this deficiency comes about because of the absence of MELANOCYTES. These cells called MELANOCYTES are responsible for all the colors of hair as well, from Black to Yellow. The tree-like MELANOCYTE cells in the deeper epidermis is what produces this dark brown pigment called MELANIN.

HAIR…Kinky, Wavy and Straight. Hair is broken down into different categories described as 9 Ether, 8 Ether, 7 Ether and 6 Ether. First let’s define the word “Ether”, Webster’s Third College Edition define the word Ether as: “A physics hypothetical invisible substance postulated as prevailing space, and serving as the medium for the transmission of light waves, and other forms of RADIANT ENERGY”.

Number 9 (nine) is the highest number in supreme mathematics…nine to the ninth power of nine… To further emphasize the superiority of the number 9 (nine)… when multiplied from 1 to 10, it produces the same figures from top to bottom, this mathematical sequence cannot be achieved by any other number. when the number 9 is inverted it becomes the number 6 which cannot produce a rational mathematical sequence or has less energy.

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