“Light Eye Gave”

They wasn’t ready for the light eye gave,

So eye kept the fire burning

As if people got to the party late,

This cookout got the people out,

So let me talk my game…

Before the cops treat us like dice

And have us on the shook route,

Dark clouds might be around

But eye am shining cuz ya sun out,

We are nothing but a collectors item

That might have a little rust &

Dust but best believe u can blow it out,

After high school

Eye wanted to goto college

But my pockets said otherwise,

And when eye look back,

My ancestors guided me to the loading dock, loaded me up with knowledge,

That a person with a master,

Gotta answer to their master,

And that took me awhile to figure out,

This is just a driving course,

At times my GPS had to reroute,

And still is, learning is infinite kid,

Self soul is the real pyramid,

Knowledge, wisdom, overstanding,

In case eye didn’t mention it,

Eye am in a space where you can’t be,

Only because theirs two of me,

But really one of me,

So you can’t compare too,

What you do not see,

My pineal been raise,

Similar to a promotion

That reflects In ya pay check,

Eye had to pay for this knowledge

To keep me in check

That’s the difference…

Still might not be ready

For this light eye gave…

“Your light is within”

Written By Kingbty EL


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