Different journey,

Different paths,

We’ll across again,

It was written…

Everything starts within

But it’s on you to focus on that,

Black cat,

Black witches,

All in my realm,

Giving back to my people,

No need to film,

Are you ready?

Black cats is for the ancestors

So is the black witches,

Eye put myself in this position,

The universe aligned it

All through wishful thinking,

That eye manifested since a adolescence,

Isn’t it a blessing?

Be less of you when they say bless you,

But eye am not here to school you,

You been there and done that,

Whatever works for you

Go ahead and do that,

But one thing never question

A Master, able, noble… spirit,(MAN)

The balance is, some will

And some won’t feel this,

720 degrees

Eye am seeing & feeling it.

Written By Kingbty EL


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