“Inner Work”

Inner Work: There are two main paths you can walk on your spiritual journey: the path of power and the path of insight. All known metaphysical practices fall into one (or both) of these categories. If you are spending a lot of your time going inwards, being receptive to life, striving to let go, and receiving insights, it’s time to go outwards. Life is about balance. Think about how you can harness the yang (masculine) energy of life that abides within you. What dreams and projects are gathering dust that you keep wanting to come back to? What active changes do you seek to actualize? You may like to explore rituals and how they impact the unconscious mind as a way of exercising your will. Also look into building your own altar, creating sigils (intention-filled symbols), and creating your own power mantras. If you feel restless, stuck or lost on your path right now, channel your energy in a willful way towards one main desire or goal.


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