I’m so grateful.  I have clean clothes on my body. I’m not going hungry or thirsty. At times I can even afford to help someone that is not as fortunate.  I’m so grateful.  I am blessed enough to have a job and take care of my son and mom.  I’m so grateful.  At times I wonder if I am in heaven.  Maybe this is it.  Maybe heaven is having a home.  Maybe heaven is living in a country that is not in a warzone.  Maybe heaven are buildings that I remember standing years ago, still standing today.  Maybe heaven is walking down the street at any time of the day not being worried about ones immediate safety.  What if heaven is knowing that if your relative gets sick you’ll have the means to help them ?  What if heaven is this small piece of peace I have each day drinking my tea.  But if this is heaven why is so much of the devils work done here. . . .


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