“Earth’s Game”

How do you play this Earth Game?

A shift in perspective is sometimes all you need to change the way you feel about the intensity of your life or life in general.

To see the earth reality as a strategic game to play (with respect and honoring of course) can allow you to become the Eagle watching over your game instead of just being in the game feeling pushed and pulled, being placed here and there seemingly at random like the pawn.

When you rise above to have the Eagle eye view, to see your Spirit’s map of what is in the highest for you, showing you why you are experiencing certain challenges, it all makes sense. You literally get to choose how you play. For example, Rise above a situation and don’t get into the argument, sit back and look at what the game is trying to pull you into… Huh, you say, I am not going to play like that. Giggling helps.

I choose peace, I choose love, I choose truth, I choose to live in each moment a Spirit-infused life filled with freedom, space, joy, excitement, Being MY Mission.



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