“Dark side Of The Moon”(B.T.Y. MIX)

On the dark side of the moon

Time waits for nothing,

When there’s nothing to wait for,

Embracing Prince,


The darkside of the moon is full,

But In the meantime, meanwhile, 

Eye been in space,

So no need to give it to me,

What can’t eye give me 

That you can give me,


Lost souls,  just turmoil, 

Eye was once a number,

Eye took that number &

Gave them that number,

Now they’re numbered,

Eye been the one,

But two many tried to figure me out,

And when they think they do,

Peace sign, eye am out,

Out of mind,

Out of sight,

And the moon is full,

On the dark side, eye am bright.

Written By King B.T.Y. EL


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