“Codes Of Consciousness”(3/5)

Awareness and the control of breath are the essential keys for understanding and developing the higher mind, because they form a very powerful and natural way to connect with both inner and outer sources of vital life-force energy. By focusing your attention, you can use your breath to stabilize yourself, to have more energy and enhance your immune system, to create beneficial brain wave patterns, and to travel to the interior of your being to acquire transcendent knowledge and information beyond your linear view of the world.

You must learn to pay attention to where the breath takes you, for it is a very powerful tool for activating and using your physical form to its greatest extent. Breathing exercises create a strong foundation within the body for those seeking higher consciousness, and we highly recommend that you adopt the discipline of always returning your attention to conscious breathing. Breathing is an exchange of energy between the outer world and the inner domain of your body. No matter what you are doing; tucking the children into bed, driving the car, making supper, making love, or dashing to the office, modulating your breathing patterns is a way of staying centered, expanding the use of your mind, and enhancing your physical prowess.

Breath & Awareness



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