“Way Of The World”

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It’s the way of the world
So Judge me
For whatever reason
It’s the young ones
That’s listening to
What’s on the radio
Trying to imitate
The hustlers on the block…

What happen to the blueprint
For the block
Jails and prisons are crowded,
Guns and drugs being sold
But is the cops really stopping it,
Who’s reselling to the outsiders
Once it’s been confiscated
Like a caller that’s calls block
On your cellphone…

& they tell me to grow up &
Make the right decision
While the wrong politicians
Is already grown up
Making the wrong decisions…

My vision, sure didn’t envision this,
But remember this
The same ones you passing & ditching
Is the same ones who’s ditching
To pass you
It’s the way of the world.

Written By B.T.Y.

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  • BGD
    May 9, 2016

    I can feel the truth in this piece of art.
    Love your poetry


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