“This Is Me Pt.2”

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Something within you is starting to detect that there’s a deeper meaning to life. There’s a lot more to you, the universe, and the human experience. You know and feel deep down that this just isn’t it. There’s something you’re feeling that’s waiting to be discovered, and as you begin to detect this, your mind, body, and soul begin to transform. As you start to live in your truth, life becomes more light, and fear begins to subside. You stop caring about what other people think about you. You no longer worry and stress over things like social reputation, popularity, and seeking approval, because your sense of identity comes from something much deeper than that.

As you being to have a personal relationship with your inner being, you begin to trust more. When the trust is strengthened, fear disappears. If you’re going through this, accept what is and be open to the beauty that’s about to enter your life. Don’t let anything pull you into fear/negativity. So much pain and problems comes from resisting our growth, and wanting to stay in the old patterns even when they don’t work for us. You no longer have to hide from your truth, start embracing it and start living it today & this is me!


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