When a child turns 13 years of age, their pineal gland becomes receptible to all cosmic forces around them. What does this mean? The child’s DNA grows into its 1st stage of adulthood, which allows the child to have the ability to connect with all cosmic forces, both high vibrational & low vibrational. Therefore when most children turn 13, they inheret the full awareness of good & evil. You got the right brain & left brain symbolizing good & evil. Then you have the pineal gland in the middle, which gives us the power to choose good from evil. We’re given the power to tap into the full spectrum of good & evil after turning 13! So when we look at the Tree of Knowledge in the Bible, we’re really looking at Auset’s brain. You have the left & right side of the tee symbolizing the right & left side of the brain(good & evil),then you have the apple symbolizing the pineal gland(awareness), & then you have the serpent which symbolizes the spirit that hijacked Ausets kundalini. Right side of tree, left side of tree, apple, & serpent. Right side of brain, left side of brain, pineal gland, & the kundalini. 


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