“School System”

Sadly, it’s not education we’ve received, it’s INDOCTRINATION. You have to educate and teach yourself all the things they neglect to teach us in schools. How to cultivate and grow your own food, how to generate your own energy, how to live off the grid, how to redeem lawful money, basically all things that DON’T make you a debt slave to the Bankers.

They want people smart enough to memorize, repeat and fall in line, but dumb enough not to question the corrupt criminal status quo of the Fiat Currency / Fractional Reserve Banking scam of the century. They don’t want YOU to know your rights, they don’t want you to FREE your mind and think critically and independently.

That doesn’t benefit the Ruling Class Cabal. So the choice is yours. Depend on others for knowledge and wisdom, or go get it yo’self.

  • Yvonne D. Adams
    March 1, 2021

    Yes I agree. When I was coming up in school
    We weren’t taught necessities that would be so beneficial as you reach adulthood. I really believe that you have to educate yourself all Over in this day and age with the real

    • Phiara
      March 4, 2021

      Man oh Man!! I hope the people were ready for this word!!!!!! This is the truth!!!!!!!! we have to do the work!


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