“Lemon Pepper” (BTY MIX)

Been in a groove

But been out of tune

That’s balance,

My wife told me

I’m tit for tat

I guess I’m childish,

The future is near when

Our lifestyle is really lavish,

Manifesting going shopping 

Out in Dubai & Paris,

The finer things in this illusion

while I’m here I gotta have it,

I’m rich!,

Without The Prophet Noble Drew Ali

I probably wouldn’t even

known that even exist, 

Nowadays artist say

look at my neck…

Look at my wrist… 

Look at my car…

Look at my crib…

Nowadeys eye say Allah

Eye thank u 4 all your gifts,

Especially this commerce

I’ve been doing since,

The prophet said

“Let all old business 

stay as it is, 

and all new business, 

do it in your free national name.” 

That’s jew ELs

For us that’s playing this game,

I don’t know what to tell you

But I can tell you this,,, 

Whatever you want is on the inside 

You just gotta open it,

My life is a remote 

That’s why I’m controlling it,

Everyone wants access 

But this isn’t B.E.T,

I’m so divine,

I gotta keep high frequency & energy,

Lemon pepper oyster mushrooms,

I’m a trip even without the shrooms

Signing off 

Emperor B.T.Y EL


I’ll see you soon✨4~7


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