“Keep Rising”

👑♥️JEWEL OF THE DAY 👑♥️  All relationships/friendships are mirror images.  They represent some part of you. There’s something to learn from those that irritate you the most. Learn from that woman/man that gets on your damn nerves because if you don’t, you’ll attract that same man/woman (energy) in a different suit. Your King/Queen is your looking glass. Take that sh*t seriously.  Whatever you don’t like about him, check for it within yourself. Whatever you praise about him/her is probably some trait you need to cultivate within yourself.  Nourish your wombs (good vibes + good food).  Step into your power.  Don’t suppress your man/womanhood to fit a small woman/man.  Do you.  The right one will rise to greet you.  If the “right one” never comes, You got YOU 🙂 💓 ~ Queen Afua.  KEEP RISING KING/QUEEN! 💓💓💓

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  • Derek B Greene
    October 5, 2018

    Good stuff right there...


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