“Just Like You”

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All theses poems
I hope y’all hear me
I want y’all near me
As I paint this visual
How I was living miserable
In this E R
Living critical
Emergency room
No y’all…
More like this escape route
Negative thoughts & I’d
Personally had doubts,
About never making it,
Suicide thoughts
That’s why this lion roars
Dreams of suicide doors
Money stashed in the ceilings
And in the floors
Days where you can smell the
Alcohol coming out of my pores,
Nights where I Face myself, time
After time, way before Steve jobs
Made the iPhone…
I’m more then a poet
I’m a human being
I go through shit too
Just like you, if you
Ain’t know it…

Written By B.T.Y. In 2016

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  • Derek
    May 20, 2016

    Deep fam,keep doin what u doin.


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