“It Ain’t Going Lick Itself” (Freaky Friday)

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She said it ain’t going
Lick it self…

The tongue of sex,
The tongue death,
My face in between your legs
I’m your God, therefore
You’ll get blessed!

Licking you up from your ankles
To your thighs,
Biting and sucking,
That Pussy looking at me
Like my clit needs hugging…

Oh yea I’m going to get to that,
Licking in between those thighs
Your hands gripping the sheets
Of the bed,
Take one hand off now
And placed it on my dreds,
I’m saying hi! Hello ms clit,
We’re flirting and shit,
Playing with ya nipples
While tonguing your Pussy
Sucking and licking ya clit…

The sounds your making,
Your wetting the bed,
It’s dropping down your leg,
Wet spots,
I’m hitting your g spot,
You want me to stop,
You got your knees trying to lock,
I put your legs up
Hold you by your ankles up in the air,
You moving all over this bed…
Hold up
Maybe you should’ve said
Something else besides
It ain’t going lick itself

Written By kingbty



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