“Where Are You Anchored”


Where are you anchored? Are you anchored in spirit Or your ego?

“The ego likes praise and validation and to be right more than it likes contentment. The ego is performative. The ego puts on a show and the spirit searches for connection, truth, and meaning. Your ego loves the praise, but it also feels quietly righteous and vindicated at the hurt. Whether you are being lauded or criticized, the ego is the one taking the brunt of the impact. 

When you heal from the wounds and the falseness of this stage play, you become more rooted in the Truth and what matters. Compliments and acclaim don’t make you out of touch or big-headed. Criticisms don’t make you angry, uncertain, or self-pitying. 

When the ego drives your experience, you’ll be beholden to the positive and negative remarks of the external world. When you detach from it, you see things spiritually. Healing, which is a journey and the antidote, helps you to realize the part of you that matters most, the part of you that’s spirit- is the part that ego has no say in or reaction to.” 

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  • Phi
    July 28, 2020

    This word!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!


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