“This Isn’t About You”

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This isn’t about you
Nor we
It’s about us
Now let’s just think
About this and see…
The way we want things
We want it in different ways
Different stages
So we can learn each other in
Different phase
Well Phases
Straight up
No chaser…
So this is the case
Learn me and I’ll learn you
Love me and I’ll love you
It’s takes two
Not one
Like I said this isn’t about me
This isn’t about you
More so us.

I want us to build
I want us to be real
I need us to have this power
Called will
Be there for me
And I’ll be there for you
So this can be real
How does that feel
It’s more then friends
It’s more then anything
You have in mind
All we need is time
But open your eyes
To this situation
I don’t need you
To be blind…

Find time and I’ll find more time
My purpose can’t be defined
But in due time it will be
Don’t be selfish
Be true
Like I stated
This isn’t about me
And it’s sure not about you…

Trust me…

                      Written By kingbtyimg_2130


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