“Sugar Plum Fairy”(Freaky Friday)

She kisses my forehead. “Hush now and let me give you my present.” Then she lowers herself and takes my entire cock all the way with one swift movement.
I groan and press my face into her breasts. Her insides are so soft, so pure, so wet. 
“Sweetheart,” she gasps as her body tightens around me. I didn’t think she could take my entire cock all the way like that. And all of a sudden too. I guess she needs to adjust to my shape.
She grabs my shoulders and begins to sway her hips, taking me in smooth strokes as pleasure fills my entire body. It’s like a fire spreading from inside her, consuming me slowly. Her eyes remain shut. A blissful grin is on her face. This is so much better than just doing it with my hands and some Vaseline.
“Squeeze my ass,” she commands, and I follow. My fingers slide down her back and grab a cheek in one hand, spreading her like I want to claw her in half.
“I don’t know how much longer I can last,” I groan as she picks up her pace. Her only response is to moan louder and louder, marking every time her ass crashes against my thighs with a whimper.
I clench her ass, stretching her like mad because I don’t want to let go just yet. She seems to be nearing her climax too because she lets out a wild cry and takes me in completely before collapsing on top of me.
With her chin on my hair, one of her nipples in my mouth, and her arms fastening us tightly together, she holds me in place as she rocks gently. Her pussy massages every inch of me. Her ass is firmly placed on my lap so that my cock is completely submerged in her soft lush warmth. And it’s not till she lets out an involuntary cry as her walls tighten that I cum.
I feel it shooting out of me like a sudden surge of power. It’s not like the usual where it just comes rushing out of me. Now it feels like I’m a volcano that’s been held back by the earth for far too long: exploding with enough energy to ruin an entire planet.
Clutching her tightly to me, my throat choking on my moans as her velvety walls wring out every last drop. When my cock finally stops twitching, I feel all my strength go with my cum. I go limp in her embrace as she whispers to me how great it felt. She kisses my hair, her pussy still convulsing around my softening cock, sending tremors of irrepressible pleasure up into my belly.
“See?” she says, using my shoulders to raise herself. “That wasn’t so bad.” My cock slips out as she hovers above me, showing me the result of our efforts spilling out of her soft pink lips. My cum looks like snow. She tucks it back in with her fingers.
“You’re so pretty,” is all I manage to say before glancing up at her bright purple eyes.
The fairy smiles and shakes her head. “Just a minute ago you were pissed off at me. But now that you’ve fucked me, I’m beautiful?”
Before I can respond, she turns around. I suck in a quick breath just before she presses her pale ass into my face like she’s trying to smother me. She still smells and tastes like the fruit she’s named for.
“We’re not done yet, sweetheart. I need some love back here too.” She giggles, and I feel the mirth rumbling through her as her ass trembles against my lips, my nose.
I take hold of her ass with both hands. “You mean, you want to try anal?” Just saying the words out loud makes my cock twitch. It would turn hard again very soon.
“Try?” she says, flexing her ass. “How do you think I got my name as the sugar plum fairy?”
Excerpt from my Holiday Erotic short story: Kiss of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Feeling lonely or just need a break from the festivities?Meet the sugar plum fairy right here: http://amzn.to/2C2PnoZ 


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