“Just Reflecting”

Thinking to myself
How’d it come to this
Everything wasn’t
Suppose to be like this

Got a plan in hand
But they wanna kill me
Better learn your history
I’m a black ghost
To you black folks
“By any means necessary”
Thats my quote
Reflecting right now
Same thing going on right now
Black lives matter
I don’t think so
When we kill our own
Everyday in our environment
So tell me why you don’t
Protest there for
Starts in the home
Then starts in street
If you really want peace
Gotta have it where you come from
Think about that
“A man who stands for nothing
will fall for anything.”
Stand up in your environment
“We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.”
All that was Malcom X.

I’m just reflecting…

Written By kingbty img_1816


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