I did it for us

No matter how I look at things
No matter how u look at things
Being genuine
Replaces those things
Came from the foundation
We’ve build
Whether friendship
Or a relationship
Whether you call
Whether you text
Whether you moved on
Whether I just needed space
I did it for us

I know it hurts
The pain
The emotions
The anger
It was all temporary
Just like this life we live
How we captured the moments
Is irreplaceable
Forgiveness is a must
As I ask you to forgive

I did it for us

Not knowing what the future
May hold
Not knowing what tomorrow
May hold
Not knowing as we should know
As I seek truth
And let the truth be told
For what we see
And may not see

Deserving and appreciating
The ones who’ve made you
Plan A and not plan B

I did it for us

Because I would’ve wind up
Hurting you in the long run
That’s why

I did it for us…

Written by B.T.Y. In 2016


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