“Heart Wishes”

Hello beautiful souls, I’d like to share a little exercise called ‘Heart Wishes’ with you. It only takes a few minutes, but I always find it deeply powerful.  1. For this exercise you will need a candle – a small tea-light is enough. Light the candle and let your gaze rest softly on the flickering light. Tune into the natural rhythm of your breathing and connect with your heart chakra.  2. Begin by making a wish for yourself. Your wish may be to find more peace or love in your life. It may be to find forgiveness. Let your wish come from your heart space rather than your head.  3. Next, make a wish for a loved one.  4. Finally, make a wish for someone you may be in conflict with.  5. To finish, blow out the candle and send the light to your wishes

  • Amanda Hernandez
    July 17, 2018

    I love this one and I am going to try it this was great to read and learn thank you Sincerely Amanda H.


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