“Follow The Signs”

I don’t know how I got here,
But I did put in the work,
That I can tell you,
Name a hand full of times
I’ve never came through for you,
And if I didn’t,
Maybe it wasn’t meant,
All I can tell you
Is that I followed the signs…

And I’ll continue to do so,
That’s all I can do,
My third eye been seeing all,
So what I may see you can’t,
But one day in due time,
Trust when I tell you this,
You will and I mean you will
Follow the signs…

I can’t tell you all things,
Because if I could I would,
Just like anyone else could,
That appreciates you
Like I do,
In other words,
Cleanse within,
Cleanse you,
Mentally, physically,
Emotionally, most of all
Spiritually, it all takes time,
But remember everything comes
Back in full circle,
Just follow the signs.

Written By Kingbty EL


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