“Day In & Day Out” (A Woman Is Earth)

A woman is earth…

From waking up,
To showering,
To using the bathroom,
To making sure you’re good, that
You’re prepared for the outside world,
Let alone, them knowing,
What you did to get yourself here…

The steps you took,
Especially with hate, that you receive
On a day to basis,
No one can replace you,
Or replace the woman that
You’re meant to be,
The woman, that women look to imitate,
The woman, that you once
Doubted yourself to be,
But guess what…

You knew, that
You were that woman,
When you woke up,
When you went to shower,
When you got ready in the bathroom,
To face the outside world,
Knowing you are the world,
And you face, you, day in
And day out.

A woman is Earth

Written By KingBty EL

P.S. keep up the good work earth!


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