“Connect The Dots”

Moor links to the chain missing,

All eye do is manifest

Whatever eye envision,

Connect the dots…

The moor you overstand

The moor wisdom,

If you don’t apply it

Then it rots…

Replace the old with nu,

Hands up for the cops,

It’s two to the chest,

1 to the head, if you don’t co op,

Whole bunch of agents

Running on the pavement,

Different levels, different stages,

They will push you like the

Letters on ya texts,

Bet get you the message,

Either physically or mentally

But spiritually u need to be in tack,

And that, eye used to lack,

But it all aligned, eye was down once,

But eye rise like the sun in the sky,

Amenhotep Much Light & Respect,

Self love is the dots that eye had to connect.

Written By King B.T.Y. EL


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