“Been Focused”(🏁Nip Tribute🏁)

Another legend gone,

Prolific, so gifted,

Now it’s time we unify 

& go get it!

Generational wealth,

We took a step,

Now it’s time we step 

Up to the plate, can’t kill us all,

Unless that nuke in place, 

For all 7 continents &

That won’t even amaze me,

Employment ain’t freedom 

They use fake money

To keep us caged in, 

Underground bodies,

Underground bunkers,

For the wealthy to live in,

Pass the truth to our children,

Cuz if we don’t, everything is just

Based off of everyone’s opinion,

Listening to media…

Nobody picking up a book

And doing some reading,

Or soul searching 

Or coming into your soul purpose,

Just know my third eye been focus.

Written By King B.T.Y. EL

Energy Is Everything~@kingbty

  • Monisa
    April 19, 2019

    Well written. Unity is a must. In order for us to strive, we must be willing to take that step.


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