“Started First”

The carbonated(melanated) beings that started life on this Earth, looked a certain way. They were extremely tall, & lanky. They had no body hair, they had no canine teeth, & they had elongated hook heads! In no way shape or form, are those “monkey like” characteristics. I’m showing you today, how Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is complete laughable bullsh#t, & how all life was started on this earth by genetic splicing. Mainstream evolution wants us to believe that primitive humans evolved from monkeys, & traveled from Africa to Europe, & after 9,000 years in a cold environment, their skin magically turned pale. Lol. If this is biologically possible, there’s a group of people who’ve been living in Northern Canada for roughly 9,000 years, & their skin ranges from a yellow color, to a golden brown color, & these people are the Eskimo. The Eskimo have mostly Mongeloid blood. They’ve inhabited the North Pole for nearly 9,000 years, & their skin hasn’t turned pale like the European yet. The Eskimo still have pigmentation in their skin. So if the Eskimo didn’t lose their melanin after being in a cold climate for thousands of years, what makes you think “Africans” would? Lmao. Excessive body hair, canine teeth, the appendix, & short tails are all vestigial features that prove certain groups of people were spliced with ape DNA.


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