“You Gotta Choose”

When u love 2 people
At the same time
It’s like committing
A crime
Somebody will get hurt
Even die,
Heart broke
It’s a shame
Never wanted this
It’s a shame
It had come to this
Everybody wants
That connection

Spiritually, butterfly
Feelings, what a feeling,
When you stuck up in
Those feelings,
I’m willing to work it out,
I’m willing to pray it out,
I need a direction
I need another route
Start it all over
Drink to take the pain away
Pills up on a daily base
When I’m sober

I’m still feeling the same way

In reality
It’s all me
Nobody but me
You do this me
See I’m changing like
And I’m growing like
Best believe
I’m my own enemy
But she said love me

How do I know it’s true
How do i know it’s you
She said you’ll never know
If your afraid
And you risk
What you can’t lose
Then again,
And again
I’ll risk what I could lose
And ultimately
I’ll win

What I thought
I couldn’t lose
It’s just not you
When you love
Two ppl @ the same time
You gotta choose…

Written By B.T.Y. In 2015


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