“Years Ahead”

I’m Year’s ahead
Better yet a century,
Drew Ali said
It’ll be 100 years
Before my people get this,
Took me close to 30 years,
My sun it’s going take him
A few years,
Eye promise that, N
Trust me when eye say that,
The world is in my palms,
And I’m holding that,
Everything is at fingers reach,
I’m a century ahead
Just know that,
100 years and counting
I’m beyond that,
Said it a few years ago…
Your crown has been brought
And paid for, just like this life
They mislead us with,
And my eyes closed
But eye ain’t sleeping
Ya eyes open but u ain’t seeing,
Eye got a deeper meaning,
Everything eye be saying,
Just know eye been ready
It’s never ending
Just know eye am, just beginning.

Written By Kingbty EL


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