“The Warlocks”

According to “Lorentz Force” the negative magnetic pole is supposed to flow in the direction of the positive magnetic pole. They say the North Pole is the positive pole of the Earth, & the South Pole is the negative pole of the Earth. But when we look at the actual direction of the Earths magnetic current, it’s flowing from negative to positive, which means its flowing from Geographic North(Negative Pole) to Geographic South(Positive Pole)! This is why we have a “Geographic North” & a “Magnetic North.” This is why we have a “Geographic South” & a “Magnetic South.” This means that someone is LYING & trying to DECIEVE the masses! The true direction of Earths magnetic current was set in motion by a God-like deity! The location of geographic poles were given to us by the PTOLYMEYS, The Greek invaders & traitors to Egypt! When our ancestors built the Pyramids of Giza, they knew where true North & South were located on the Earth! This is why LOWER EGYPT is in “Northern Egypt” & UPPER EGYPT is in “Southern Egypt.” Ladies & Gents, the Ptolemy Pharaohs literally turned the geographic maps of the world UPSIDE DOWN!! This was done so the indigenous tribes of the world would lose track of the direction of the cosmic current, & it was done to place the continent of Europe near the top of the world, when in fact, according to the earths flow of magnetic current, Europe is near the bottom of the Earth! North is really South, South is really North, West is East, & East is West! The Warlocks turned your world upside down.


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