“Bit Of Greed”

Inner Work: Let’s be honest with ourselves: we’re all a bit greedy from time-to-time. For some of us, greed fills the empty hole inside of us – the existential void within that emerges when we have lost contact with Soul and Spirit. For others, greed is an ingrained habit we develop from our materialistic societies – it makes us feel safe, worthy, and powerful on an ego-centric level. Whatever the case, it’s worth doing a little bit of shadow work this week on the topic of greed (even if that means a one-minute reflection). In what ways are you being greedy? Greed isn’t just directed toward the external, material world – it can also show up emotionally, intellectually, and sexually. Where are you biting off more than you can chew? Where are the qualities of possessiveness, materialism, lust, and covetousness emerging in your life? Don’t worry if you stumble across something you don’t like: we’re all imperfect. Be honest, but also kind toward yourself.


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