“Texting Away”(Frèáky Friday)

Soon as I leave
Your texting away,
My phone saying
12 unread messages,
I didn’t wanna leave
You was looking so sexy,
This morning
In between the sheets,
Them moans you was making
Last night, in between the sheets,
While playing Isley brothers,
In between the sheets,
We was sky high
Hitting the green,
Like we at the bottom
Of some football cleats,
We was tied up,
After the fourth,
So we headed for OT,
While I’m headed down
To your kitty 🐱,
My tongue got you like ooouuu…
Eye to eye contact,
Them faces you making
Got you cumin to me,
Yes cumin for me,
Got you thinking about last night
As you texting away to me,
12 unread messages
Waiting for me to read,
How you telling me 12play
Is what you need,
While listening to R.Kelly,
Your body is calling me,
Because it seems like your ready,
To Bump N Grind,
While you sex me,
All this on a freaky Friday
While you texting away to me.

Written By Kingbty EL


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