Some block you & unfollow you
To just follow you back and to unblock you again. Somebody tell me something. When things go wrong you can’t just block shit you don’t like
You deal with that shit you don’t like,
Unless it 100% clearly done with that shit, then this doesn’t pertain to you.. It pertains to those who know deep inside that’s something is eating them, why are you so mad, why are you so hurt, (is it really worth it) or should I go backwards and say (it’s worth it, really, it is) because we all want our way, but it’s better to lead the way with others, 3 brains is better then two brains and 2 brains is better then one brain, and we can become 1 together, but all this foolishness and acts of stupidity that we so called put on for people isn’t going to fly to long, it’s two sides to every story, they might listen to you, but they don’t hear you though, they might feel you, but your words is not touching them though, see I know what it is & and what it shall be… By the way I’m just talking my SHIT which means simply how I’m thinking for those that don’t know my S.H.I.T

Written By B.T.Y.


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