“Reserved Peace”

I shall be the one
For everyone to look2,
The side too,
I don’t want you to look up to me
I was down my whole life,
So I played catch up,
I went from Heinz
To organic,
Had to go get my goddess
From Atlanta,
Back to jers
This was 20onefour,
I was like al b
But wasn’t sure,
I had to make it,
Everything is here
For the taken,
Get your history up,
That whats really missing
We was once naked,
The womb woman fertility,
1 of the reasons the ankh
Is on my neck tatted,
Eye of Horus,
Sun Ra,
A Ra,
While you say a men
Cuz it’s the trend, when
Religion divided us,
While I’m writing in hieroglyphics
In the Mecca,
Know better do better,
I’m in Missouri
I am the treasure,
Better yet I’m reserved,
In Atlanta,
Agencies playing me
Damn after 19thirtythree,
Really it was since
The treaty, Peace & Friendship,
So from here on out,
It’s a must I treat the family… Peace

Written By Kingbty EL


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