“Religion & Spirituality”

“…spirituality was here before religion was here and foreigners turned spirituality into religion and turned the religions against each other, and said that God ordained what they were doing, therefore making God a bigot, and accomplice to their deeds. You have not examined religion well enough to understand that you can be a very highly spiritual person on this earth without buying any of it. I dare you to walk this earth without some form of spirituality.”-Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“What is spirituality? There is no necessary contradiction between being a rational and logical thinker and being spiritual. It’s not either or. You’re not in a situation where if you’re spiritual you can’t think, you can’t reason.

In fact, a truly spiritual person is a clear thinker. A truly spiritual person is an enlightened person. A truly spiritual person is a knowledgeable person. A truly spiritual person knows how to use their thought process and they have mastered their thought processes in the other capabilities in their personality and know how to use them appropriately

That is the true test of spirituality, not some blind bump on your head on the floor, praying and kicking over benches.”

— Dr. Amos N. Wilson on spirituality. — with Dwyer Donna.


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