As eye reflect on myself

Eye see growth, as eye connect with self,

Higher that is, my lower brings me down,

As if trees are being cut, nature

Is important due to its life, because

We’re all growing, so why would you want

To impact that negatively,

We grow as if we’re that, facts

Outweighs opinions, & it’s a fact that

Eye establish my dominion,

In this cold world or should eye say

these cold states, wipe the cold

Out my face, as eye taste freedom,

Your eyes follow

My eyes lead,

Eye been a leader

Cut a few off,

Because eye really been on,

What am eye on?

Something that your not off,

Paid dues, no need to mention cost,

If it don’t exist in this illusion,

It’s confusing if your snoozing,

The speed of light is how

I’m moving,

Real fast,

Reflecting on the future,

As eye am presented with the past,


Written By KingBty EL


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