“Play To Win”

Knowing we play to win,
Sit down relax
Let me pour you a drink,
My Queen,
Margarita or wine?🍸🍷
Tell your King,
About your day, beautiful,
How was your energy?
How was your vibes?
As I stare into your soul,
I can see the wave,
Through the tides,
I can feel your stress,
I can hear your thoughts,
Looking through your third eye👁.
Let massage your temple,
Let me explore your mind,
Did I mention, I love when you
Show me them dimples,
When you smile…☺️
As we further our conversation,
Our heart feels like the Daytona 500,
The way it’s racing…🏎
And this is on a daily basis,
Your my Queen
I’m your King
With a hand full of spades
So let them, play them aces,
The jokes on them
At the end…
Knowing we play to win.

Written By B.T.Y.


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