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What Is Real?

How Do You Define Real?

If you’re talking about WHAT you can feel, what you can smell, taste AND see, then “REAL” is SIMPLY ELECTRICAL SIGNALS INTERPRETED BY YOUR BRAIN. ⭐~Morpheus

The HUMAN BODY produces TYPICALLY in the range of 50 TO 500 WATTS, and AVERAGES a 100 WATTS on a TWO THOUSAND CALORIE DIET. A decent portion of OUR ENERGY is used to ACTIVATE NEURONS, and MENTALLY PROCESS INFORMATION, and the EFFICIENCY in which we think, STORE INFORMATION, and COMMUNICATE all creates efficiencies BEFORE energy is even processed through the system of NEURAL WIRING. WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO ROUTE THIS NEURAL WIRING by deciding HOW we want to FORM OUR PATTERNS OF THOUGHT. Adding to this PROGRAMMING, AND ENERGY CONSUMPTION BOTH is the TRIGGERING OF HORMONES, SPIRITUAL/SOCIAL INTERACTION, and the many other functions of the body.


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