“Matrix”(Red Or Blue)

IN THIS WAR AGAINST YOUR MIND, YOU EITHER WAKE UP AND LIBERATE YOURSELF, OR REMAIN MENTALLY ENSLAVED AND BE SLOWLY ERADICATED:   I will not be silent in the face of ignorance, especially when that ignorance hinders our true Black liberation. If after 400 year of white oppression, your best plan for obtaining Black liberation is to cling tighter to your Bible or try to overcome the Willie Lynch syndrome then you’re ignorant of your own ignorance, and you’re a part of the problem that hinders true Black liberation. Furthermore If you’re walking around with a computer in your pocket — with access to unlimited information —believing in urban myths and biblical fairytales that were forced upon slaves then your ignorance is now a choice!  What truly confront us is the monopoly that white oppressive forces have over our minds. Their monopoly over media images and societal narratives that shapes our beliefs and controls our behaviors is their greatest weapon used against us.  As long as Black people continue to believe that our condition is connected to the Willie Lynch slave syndrome or a biblical fairytale we will never liberate ourselves. We must gain a true and accurate analysis of our condition in order to over come it. Because when our understanding of our condition is flawed then all solutions based upon the misunderstanding will also be flawed. In order to liberate ourselves we must learn the truth of what has been done to us.   HERE IS WHY OUR CONDITION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WILLIE LYNCH SLAVE SYNDROME (MYTH):  Black people are not suffering from a 400 year old self hatred programing created by a fictitious slaveowner name Willie Lynch — whom in spite of having no formal training in psychology whatsoever somehow miraculously developed a full proof plan to control the minds of countless millions of Black people for 400 years. This is such a childish and ridiculously cartoonish premise. Those who believes that the Willie Lynch myth is true have no understanding whatsoever of the mechanism required for brainwashing generations of people. They have no concept of how controlling the minds of large populations actually works. The Willie Lynch premise would in fact be the least effective method used for controlling large populations of people for an extended period of time.   The Willie Lynch premise totally contradicts all leading studies of how controlling the mind of large population actually works. Brainwashing of large populations requires a system that is being constantly reapplied to remain effective. If not its effectiveness would weaken with each new generation. It wouldn’t get stronger as we’ve been witnessing.   Case and Point: During the 1960’s African Americans were wearing Afros and calling each other Brothers and Sisters. We were also declaring that Black is beautiful. Today many of us are now calling ourselves N#ggers and b#tches, wearing blonde weaves and bleaching our skins. Given that the condition of self hatred has worsen this is clearly evidence of a system that is being constantly reapplied upon our minds and that has been strengthened. Furthermore, these same symptoms and condition also exist amongst many Africans living in Africa, the U.K, and Canada – that are NOT descendants of enslaved Africans  therefore also proving that the problem is absolutely not the results of a slave syndrome.  Furthermore the Willie Lynch myth was written by Dr. Kwabena Ashanti, an African American who lives in Durham, NC. He confirms that Willie Lynch never existed. The reason why the symptoms described in the letter appears so accurate and consistent with the behaviors that we’ve witnessed amongst many of our people is because it was not actually written in the 1700’s. This is also why when experts examined the letter they found 21st century words that were inconsistent with the 1700 date of which the letter was allegedly written.    Dr. Ashanti wrote those noted behaviors based upon behaviors he actually observed among many Black people during the late 1970’s. ( behaviors that are actually the results of years of white social engineering of Black minds) That’s why the willie lynch letter appears so accurate. It’s however not a true story.   THE BIBLE WILL NEVER LIBERATE US!! HERE IS THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTIANITY:  The early white Christians weren’t trying to save African soul’s when they converted them into Christians. This is irrefutably true, because they literally believed that Africans had no souls, and that heaven was for whites only.  In fact the early white Christians believed that the mere thought of an African actually entering the kingdom of heaven was as blasphemously ridiculous as a dog doing so. This is a fact!  When we critically think and logically look at the fact as they were, we can say with great certainty that the white enslavers conversion of Africans into Christians had absolutely nothing to do with saving African souls. There was another reason why the early white Christians put their time, and energy into teaching Christianity to a people they otherwise treated so brutally.  The true self serving reason was to indoctrinate the belief of a white God into the subconscious minds of Africans. This creates a profound admiration towards whiteness within the subconscious mind’s of the Africans that then subconsciously transfers on to white people. This condition made the Africans more subservient towards their white people. Therefore Christianity made Africans much easier to colonize and into better slaves for white people. The effects of that brain washing scheme implemented hundreds of  years ago, has been left uncorrected and un-removed for generations.  The Christian religion has been one of the most effective tools used for imprisoning the minds of Black people. Through it million of Black people have been brainwashed to believe that all of the wrongs that whites have done to them throughout history, have been washed cleaned by the blood of a fictional white Jesus. Black people were also forced to become Christians, and then its doctrine was use to compel them to forgive whites for all the brutalities afflicted upon them by whites Christians. However, white societies never actually apologized, paid reparations, nor even repented for their evil deeds committed against Black people they merely insisted that Black people, as good Christians, forgive them as their Bible’s doctrine dictates. They fooled us now we continue to fool ourselves.   Many Black Christians attempts to defend the Bible claiming that it was actually written by Black people and merely misused by whites during the enslavement and colonization of our ancestors. This is untrue. The Bible was written by immoral Romans ( Europeans) in 325 A.D.  When Black people claim that modern Christianity was first practiced in Ethiopia long before Emperor Constantine created it in 325 AD this is a falsehood. Christianity didn’t become the official religion of Ethiopia until 341 AD. That was sixteen years after the Romans created the false religion. Christianity is not the belief system practiced in Africa before 325 AD. The Roman Emperor Constantine tore apart the doctrine of the original African spiritual system to create modern Christianity. The Romans destroyed 18 books of the original doctrine in order to create the modern Christian religion. Many of the African followers of the true and original spiritual system were totally against the newly created Christian religion, some were killed by the Romans for doing so.  Praying to God through a subordinate ( middle man) messiah was not within the original doctrine. Ask yourselves, why does the all knowing God need a middle man to speak to him in your behalf? Doesn’t he know you better than anyone else does? The African spiritual system taught every individual to seek their own direct inner connection to the Most High. [Not through religion] A personal oneness that is established between the inner mind and that which we now know as God. It is an experience that no two individuals may verbalize the same. Some may say that it speaks from above, some may say it comes from within. Some may also say that it comes through the mind, while others says through the heart. It doesn’t matter because in our true belief system they are all correct. It is their own individual oneness with the Most High!  The original spiritual system was not at all like modern Christianity. It’s original doctrine didn’t believe in the trinity nor of the messiah story. The Jesus messiah story was created by the Roman Emperor Constantine and the Council of Bishops in 325 A.D. ( Research the Nicean Creed and the creating of Jesus)  The original African spiritual system taught the teachings of a African man that was born in a cave in Ethiopia of a traditional birth – not a messiah born of an immaculate conception. It was also during the Nicene Conference that his story was changed into a Messiah and his original birthplace, of being born in a cave in Ethiopia, was changed to Bethlehem. They merged his story with Egyptian folklores to create the Jesus messiah myth.   The Roman’s creating of Jesus messiah myth was actually an ingenious scam. Its ideology, that to enter the kingdom of heaven you had go through Jesus, gave the church immense power. Because it meant that anyone that wanted to go to heaven had to do so through the church — given that the church controls the Jesus image and narratives. It literally meant that they held and control the key to heaven. That’s ultimate power on earth.   If you believe that what plagues many Black people is caused by a slave syndrome or is connected to a biblical prophecy then you are one of the ignorant ones. Black liberation will only happen when we stop clinging to biblical fairytales and urban myths and instead start learning about the true psychological warfare campaigns that white societies deploys against us so unrelentingly.  THE TRUTH OF OUR CONDITION AND PLIGHT:   Black people are the unknowing targets are the most elaborate deployed psychological warfare campaign in world history. It’s how white societies protect themselves from unified Black retribution.   To learn how this system works you have to first learn how societies actually function. Societies do not actually function based upon facts nor truth, they function instead based upon the prevailing narratives that are repetitively fed into the society. Those that controls all societal narratives also controls societal perceptions. And those that controls societal perceptions  always falsely exalt themselves above others. And they always criminalize, vilify, and dehumanize those that they’ve brutally mistreated to falsely validate their past and present mistreatment of them. This is the reality presently faced by Black people living under white dominance.  All societal narratives about Black people  are created exclusively by the white society, and then are imposed upon Black populations. These narratives are rarely ever accurate; they’re usually false negative distorted interpretations of Black populations that serves the hidden nefarious racist agendas of the white oppressive society.   “ To hold a people in oppression you have to convince them first that they are supposed to be oppressed. “  – Dr. John Henrik Clarke   YOUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY IS AN ELABORATE WHITE DECEPTION:  We Black people are being totally deceived about our collective state by a racist white society. Here is a fact that they keep from you. In spite of cultural traumas wrought by the injustice of white racism and slavery, it is actually Black people that are responsible for most of the inventions that have revolutionized the world.  Case, Point, and Verifiable Proof:  Do you know that without Black people there would not exist skyscrapers. This is because Black people invented the elevator, the air conditioning, and central heating.  Alexander Miles invented the Elevator, Fredrick Jones invented the air conditioner, and Alice Parker, a Black woman, invented the heating furnace in 1919 which provided central heating.  Without Black people there wouldn’t be any cars, because Black people invented the motor, the spark plug, and the earliest car called the horseless carriage.  J. Gregory invented the motor, Edmond Berger invented the spark plug. A Black inventor and carriage company entrepreneur named Charles Richard Patterson is a builder/designer of the earliest automobile. Patterson and his sons invented a car they nick named it the horseless carriage. C.R. Patterson and Sons were forced out of business by Henry Ford. In 1939, the company closed its big wooden doors. These are all facts that white historians have concealed.   There is more:  If you enjoy using the internet thank  Philip Emeagwali, a Nigerian computer scientist, is regarded by many as being the father of the Internet. He invented the super computer in 1987. It was his formula that used 65,000 separate computer processors to perform 3.1 billion calculations per second in 1989. That feat led to computer scientists comprehending the capabilities of supercomputers and the practical applications of creating a system that allowed multiple computers to communicate. Philip Emeagwali also invented the accurate weather forecasting system in 1990. He also used his mathematical and computer expertise to develop methods for extracting more petroleum from oil fields.  If you enjoy sending emails thank a African American name Emmit McHenry. McHenry created a complex computer code whereby ordinary people can now surf the web or have e-mails without studying computer science. He created what we know today simply as .com.  If you enjoy your digital cellphone thank an African American name Jesse Eugene Russell.  He is an inventor and electrical engineer that invented digital cellular technology. He pioneered the field of digital cellular communication in the 1980s through the use of high power linear amplification and low bit rate voice encoding technologies and received a patent in 1992 (US patent #5,084,869) for digital cellular base station design. Jesse Russell holds several patents and is a key person to the invention of the modern cell phone.   If you enjoy using your PC monitor thank an African American named Dr. Mark Dean. Dean is the Inventor/Computer scientist and engineer responsible for developing  a number of landmark technologies, including the modern color PC monitor, the Industry Standard in 1981. In 1999, Dean also led a team of programmers to develop one of the stepping stones of modern day computer technology— the first gigahertz chip. The CMOS microprocessor chip is remarkable because it processed a billion calculations and large amounts of data in a second. Dean hold 20 individual patents.  Dr. Thomas O. Mensah is a Ghanaian born chemical engineer and inventor. Is the inventor of fiber optics and nanotechnology. He was awarded 7 USA and worldwide patents in fiber optics. In all, he has some 14 patents.  Dr. Patricia Bath, an African American scientist invented, and patented in 1988 the cataract laserphaco probe that help save the eye sight of millions. Millions of people around the world unknowingly owes their eyes sight to this Black woman.   Mark Hannah developed the 3D graphics technology that now used in many major Hollywood movies   Shirley Ann Jackson made several telecommunications breakthroughs which led to the touch-tone phone, caller I.D. and call waiting.   Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the home surveillance security system.   Henry Sampson invented the non digital cellular phone in 1983.  Here is one that will surprise many of you.  Although we’re taught the false narrative within our schools that it was Thomas Edison that brought light to the dark world, it was actually an African American inventor named Lewis Latimer that actually achieved this. Edison’s lightbulb wasn’t efficient enough to be used within homes nor businesses. It burned too hot, wasn’t bright enough, and didn’t last long at all. The life spans of Edison’s Lightbulbs were very short. They often lasted only a few minutes.  It was actually Lewis Latimer’s lightbulb that was set up within homes, businesses and cities around the world.  Latimer invented a brighter, longer lasting bulb. Latimer devised a way of encasing the filament within an cardboard envelope which prevented the carbon from breaking and thereby provided a brighter, much longer lasting life bulb, and hence made the bulbs less expensive and more efficient. This enabled electric lighting to be installed within homes and throughout streets. Latimer was dispatched to install the first electric plants in Philadelphia, New York City and Montreal and oversaw the installation of lighting in railroad stations, government building and major thoroughfares in Canada, New England and London. Therefore the lightbulb within our homes and business are the results of Latimer instead of Edison. It was also Lewis Latimer that drew out the patent plans for Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone in 1876. [ Research it!]   These facts have been kept out of all white texts books.  So our society therefore functions based upon the false narrative that honors Thomas Edison, because he was white, and ignores the true man that is responsible for lighting up the world, Lewis Latimore, because he was Black.  There is more:  Gerald A Lawson invented the first home video game system with inter changeable cartridges.  Percy L. Julian invented the process of synthesis which led to the birth control pill and improvement in  cortisone production.   There is more:  G.T. Sampson invented the clothes drier in 1892.  George R. Carruthers invented the ultra violent camera spectrograph    In1885, two Black inventors, L S. Burridge and N.R. Marsham, invented the typewriter J. Gregory invented the motor Six African Americans scientists were essential in the making of the first atomic bomb. One was J. Ernest Wilkins, one of the world’s leading mathematicians who earned his PhD at the age of seventeen. Alexander Miles invented the Elevator and safety devices for elevator. Patent no 371,207 Alice Parker, a Black woman, is credited with inventing the heating furnace in 1919 which provided central heating. Garret A. Morgan invented the automatic traffic signal and the gas mask. Edmond Berger invented the spark plug. J.B. Winters invented the fire escape ladder. John L. Love invented the Pencil sharpener 23- 11-189 Patent # 594114. Fredrick Jones invented the air conditioner. John A. Johnson invented the wrench John Standard invented the refrigerator Lewis Howard Latimer invented the electric lamp and the filament for the light bulbs. The small Pox Inoculation method was brought from Africa by African named Onesimus Phillip Downing invented the letter drop mail box 10-27-1892 John Burr invented the Lawn mower Marjorie Joyner holds the patent for the permanent hair wave machine. Lloyd Hall created the chemical compound that preserves meat S.H. Love invented improvements to military guns 22-4-1919  S.H. Love invented improvements to the vending machine 1-21-1933     W.A. Lovette invented the advanced printing press Thomas J. Martin invented the fire extinguisher 3-261872 W.D. Davis invented the riding saddle 10-6-1895   The white society has manipulated most of you to believe that most inventions that have revolutionized the world were invented by white men. Moreover that therefore – thru these inventions- most Black people have benefited from the genius of white men. However, in reality most inventions that have revolutionized the world were invented by Black people, and more white people have in fact benefited globally from the genius of Black minds.  There is more:  Do you know that the first successful open heart surgery on this planet was performed by a Black surgeon within a Black owned Hospital?  Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (1856-1931) founded Provident Hospital and Training School for Nurses (the first black-owned hospital in America) in 1891.  And he performed the first successful open heart surgery in 1893. Following the surgery white surgeons from around the country and the world came to learn from Dr Williams. Many white surgeon had attempted the surgery early but their patients died.  In 1940, Dr. Charles Drew, another African American doctor achieved yet another medical pioneering  break through. He invented blood plasma. And, just like Dr. Williams had experienced much earlier, white doctors traveled from around the world to learn from Dr. Drew. Dr. Drew was asked by white government officials to established blood banks the world.  Those Black people that do not critically think and question the validity of all information from white sources are the ones that become self hating and mentally enslaved. It’s an elaborate psychological warfare campaign.   If you think this disclosure is some ridiculous conspiracy theory then you don’t know history nor of how societies truly function. Throughout western history empires that maintain their power, have done so by perpetually manipulating the oppressed. Therefore the oppressed perception of themselves and their reality are never true. It is always a false negative image of themselves that have been shrewdly ingrained into their minds by their oppressors –without the oppressed even knowing it. White social scientist describes this nefarious hidden societal practice as merely instilling a value system into the subordinate population that makes them adhere to dominance and existing infrastructure of the ruling society. It is a psychological warfare system that is literally design makes the oppressed group accept their own subordinate status within the society.  There is more:  THE MYTH OF WHITE SUPERIORITY IS AN ELABORATE WHITE DECEPTION.  Case and Point:   Do you know that African Babies Advance Earlier and Faster Than European Babies?   In the Developmental Psychology of the Black Child, Dr. Amos Wilson analyzes studies conducted by white social scientists that revealed significant differences in how quickly Black babies develop compared to European babies. The study found that at only 9 hours old African babies were able to prevent their heads from falling backwards. It took European babies roughly six weeks to accomplish this. By the time African babies were 11 months old, they were able to climb the steps alone while European babies typically didn’t accomplish this until they were 15 months old. The study focused specifically on African babies, but Wilson explains that the same trends were also found to be true in Black children of other nationalities.  Studies have also found that Whites are also More Prone to Life Time Mental Disorders than Blacks: Four recent studies funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Consortium on Psychiatric Epidemiology Studies (CPES) reported that whites have the highest rate of lifetime mental disorders. These four reports are also a direct contrast of the perpetuated myth of white superiority.   A Cornell University led study also found that Whites are both genetically weaker and less diverse than Blacks:   The Cornell study, published in the journal Nature, also found by analyzing the genetic makeup of 20 White Americans and 15 African-Americans, that whites had many more possibly harmful mutations than did African Americans. That fact was reinforced by a larger-scale study, also published in Nature, led by scientists from the Universities of Michigan and Virginia who analyzed genetic samples of 485 individuals scattered around the globe whose DNA is recorded in a French databank. The researchers also found that Blacks are genetically stronger and had the greatest amount of genetic diversity. White people are far more prone to various genetic defects, malfunctions and disorders. White people also have thinner skins that ages more rapidly than the skin of black people. Their skin begins to wrinkles and muscles begins to decrease at a much faster rate than we blacks do. The bone density of white people are also less dense than those of black people.   Do you know that the real reason white people perform laboratory experiments on white lab rats is because those white lab rats share the same genetic code as they share? They share two common factors. Those white rats are deliberately inbred to mimic the genealogy of so-called “Caucasians.” White people perform experiments on white inbred rats to see how experiments potentially go over in the human Caucasoid population. If they want to know how something will impact the normal population, the benchmark used is a normally colored rat. In the human world, if they want to know how something will impact the normal human population, their benchmark is a black human being. Black humans contain the fully dominant developed genes and genealogy is the benchmark for normalcy.   Ever notice why white people have far more tolerance for milk? (they’re the most lactose tolerant because they need it the most) Since white people reflect sunlight with white skin, they do not synthesize vitamin D like normal people, and this automatically decreases calcium levels in the blood. This is why white  people-particularly white women–are at greatest risk for osteoporosis. Their bodies always need calcium because it is always robbed from their bodies. To compensate, they have to have calcium depleted from their bones, leaving their bones porous and weak and leaving whites susceptible to osteoporosis. Normal people, after reaching a certain age, no longer need milk and should be waned off of it. In the wild, when was the last time you saw a full grown animal still suckling its mother? Caucasians need supplements to help them make up for the Vitamin D deficiency. This is why most people who are lactose intolerant are black people. White people are not only the most lactose tolerant, but most needy. In the supermarket, notice how many products have calcium added in them from orange juice and other fruit juices to breakfast cereal? All that extra calcium fortification is to aid whites in their inability to maintain healthy vitamin D levels in their bodies because of the genetic defect. This is the governments way of “leveling the playing field” if you will.   Brown Eyes vs Blue Eyes:  Blue eyes are more prone to macular degeneration than brown. The brown in the eye is a melanin compound that allows you to absorb sunlight better and is beneficial in other ways as well. Blue eyes are the most sensitive to lights and dark brown eyes are least. Melanin shields from sunburn and lowers chance of melanoma.  Black is not only beautiful, it’s healthy.  The myth of white racial superiority is also totally debunked at its genetic core: The genetic characteristic of Black people are defined as the dominant gene while the genetic characteristic of whites are defined of the recessive gene. By definition in the study of genetic science the Dominant genes are defined as superior to the Recessive genes. This is a scientific fact of the science of genetics. A fact that whites deliberately hide because it scientifically refutes the perpetuated myth of their racial superiority. Clearly the bodies of whites are not genetically superior. These types of studies and results are being intentionally withheld from major media circulation in order to perpetuate the myth of white superiority.  White superiority is a myth created by white controllers of misinformation. The truth is the exact opposite.   THERE IS MORE:  THIS SYSTEM IS ALSO BEING USED TO KEEP BLACK PEOPLE DIVIDED AND SELF HATING.  The white media’s unrelenting negative depictions of Black people– that amplifies the negative to the point that it distort reality– is much more than just bias media reporting. It is actually a Black Racially Demoralizing Divide and Conquer psychological warfare system. Black people are the unknowing targets of the most elaborate Demoralizing Divide n Conquer psychological warfare campaign in world history. It’s how white societies protects themselves from Black retribution.  Demoralizing Divide and Conquer is the method of maintaining control over an oppressed population by creating feelings of self loathing amongst them and encouraging dissent between them. The implementation of this warfare tactic against Black people is secretly deemed necessary because while white societies, through their military strength, can invade, rob, and enslave Black people, they cannot win the loyalty of Black people, or sustain peace with Black people for long unless systems are put in place to keep Black people loyal, or to suppress dissent from among Black people. This divide and conquer tactic meets these objective. It is a well proven tactic that has been used for centuries by oppressors for controlling and subduing their oppressed populations. Because when the oppressed are made self loathing and divided this makes them much more easier to control and subdue.  This system is deplored like a massive media marketing campaign that constantly subjects Black people to seeing only the fraudulent worst within themselves. Within this system fraudulent black racially demoralizing propaganda is pumped unrelentingly into the unsuspecting minds of Black populations–without being challenged or counterbalanced by an equal amount Black positive racially affirming information. Its weapon is the message that it carries. It conveys the subliminal message that Black people are there own worst enemy and therefore needs whites to govern over their lives. Moreover, that Black people should admire, respect, and trust only Whites.  This system is extremely effective because when Black people are repetitively presented these noted narratives from trusted white media sources it can be very difficult to resist it’s implied programming. Especially when the propaganda is being told daily and so unrelentingly. With time, being unable to refute the constant negative information about themselves, many Black people eventually comes to accept them. They unconsciously influences how many within the Black population perceives themselves, creating division and self hatred among themselves. Most importantly this system turns the collective aggressions of Black people away from the white society and turns them inward towards themselves. All long-term oppressions requires that the minds of the oppressed by constantly manipulated and that their collective aggressions be turned against themselves and away from the oppressive society; if not retribution and rebellion from the oppressed becomes inevitable.  This brainwashing system is so effective that there are Black people that will insist that their negative assessment of their entire race is absolutely accurate. However, those Black people that presently makes negative generalization about their entire race cannot actually validate these statements based upon their own personal experiences. Those that insist that they can are not critically thinking or they’re delusional. Because it is not humanly possible to assess the collective state of millions of people based upon anyone’s individual experiences.  These negative perceptions about our entire race were actually deliberately indoctrinated into the minds of many Black people by deceptive white sources.  When you’re told a lie enough time it becomes a part of your reality. You begin to only see those things that appears to confirm the lie. White oppressive forces thoroughly studied this mental phenomenon and weaponized it against Black people. This psychological warfare program works so well in fact that it not only makes Black people more compliant with white dominance over their lives, it in fact makes many even prefer it.It is at the root of both the feeling of self hatred now afflicting so many Black people and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess.  “The oppressed will always believe the (fraudulent) worse about themselves.” — Franz Fanon  “If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism)-what it is, and how it works-everything else will only confuse you”. Neely Fuller Jr.  Your entire perception of reality is a white deception. The more truth you learn, the more you’ll understand why they hate us so much. Their profound hatred toward us started many centuries ago as a profound envy toward us.   Franklin Jones – The Black Matrix  Learn more at www.theblackpeoplematrix.com


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