The white mans religion took the woman and child out the equation and left man. The father, the son and holy spirit all masculine energy. In Africa the first worship was in Kemet, even before that the black Woman was God. Black Women were held at the highest esteem, they were not just mothers of a nation, they were warriors out in battle on the frontline, leaders Queens, some portrayed as Kings. No black man felt belittle or insecure or intimidated by her. Religion created misogyny, black men through slavery lost their identity. Balance of the energies is what is needed, we need one another. There’s nothing wrong with learning about Kemet either because a lot of the religious stories were stolen from there but Africa and it’s vast history is wide. Black Women all around the nation made it great. If it wasn’t for Black Women Africa wouldn’t be the great nation it is, when they took the black Woman out her power we lost our power.


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