“It’s Time”

Eye am a infinite time traveler. As eye continue to have total recall of my self, eye become more aware of the many dimensions of space and time eye have journeyed through. There have been many life times. Some were not terrestrial, some were. This 3rd dimension of physicality is the lowest vibration of a life expression that eye have ever descended in. Linear time is nothing more than redundant. Past, present, and future are all interconnected and interdependent on one another.

Time is time whether it be yesterday, today, or tomorrow. There exist those who go from future to our present to the past to attempt to altar the events of the  future. There are forces beyond many peoples imagination at work for good or for ill.

Paradigm Shifts occur in the present that may have been altared by the manipulation of those who tamper with the past or for that matter they tamper with the future to try to altar the events taking place in the present. There exist parallel universes  that vibrate much faster than this physical universe that exist on a linear/horizontal space/time continuum.

They see you but you cannot see them because of the 3rd dimensional density in this lower terrestrial plane.  Although this plane is beginning to vibrate faster now and its polarities are being restored to their original balance. You must innerstand that life at one time on this planet was 5th dimensional.  

This level of Life is beyond your scope of reason (for now) simply because of the high density and the gravitational pull that excludes an unawakened mind from seeing the creation as it truly is with the first eye therefore being restrictive in receiving divine revelations from the upper vibrations of life that they perceive as heaven.

One must overcome the finite differences of limitation and circumstances to see the infinite kingdoms of eternal being. Death becomes many because they are spiritually dead. Thus one must return to this 3rd dimensional illusion to learn the divine lessons so they may ascend. Eye am here for a little more time and then eye will go to another expression of life. Maybe this time eye will choose realities of a much faster vibration.

Afterall remember that eternal life is a nonending process of action and BEING. 


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