“I Protest”

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I protest
That I’m the best
I confess
I know
I don’t think
I look outside the box
While you still think
I’m eating cereal
Reading the fine print
Knowing the meaning of
Never thinking just
Knowing what I’m reading
While researching
While inking
Take notes people
While some take totes
Of marijuana smoke
Big said that
I succeeded
With seeds so
I’ve planted that
I planted this
So I gotta be
Bigger then that
bigger then this
Some say he’s the GOAT
Some say Pac is
Some say jay is
Some say Em is
But there’s no Goat
Who ink wrote murder
On that tv show
Or on that song say
Was it
Murder she wrote
So therefore a higher being
A creator who created
That note
That instrument
Which led me to
What’s relevant
A con man
That wasn’t kind man
But was able to con Man
And Woman
So therefore lookup
Your StrawMan
Matter fact hand me a
Straw man
Let me put him/her
To work
Create a bond
That’s called a birth certificate
Which is worth
What to a treasury
Hold up
This too much for me
Or is it?

Written By Kingbty


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